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Overcoming the aggregators

January 2024 - Performance • Guides

The customer acquisition landscape has undergone a profound transformation in recent years thanks to the emergence of aggregator platforms.

These platforms have become a central component of consumers’ decision-making processes across everything from travel, finance, hospitality and insurance to utilities and even takeaways. Companies like, MoneySupermarket, Compare the Market, USwitch, Airbnb, and Uber Eats have leveraged aggregator models to reshape how consumers discover and engage with brands—offering many a seemingly easy avenue into new audiences and potential buyers. 

But at what cost?  

For many brands, aggregators have become a costly addiction that can be difficult to kick, with budget that could be used on brand-building or direct acquisition sacrificed as a result.  

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  

While they will undoubtedly remain an important acquisition channel for many, we believe we can help you leverage the right insight to craft bespoke strategies and the right tools to do it efficiently, so you can reduce your dependence on aggregators and grow your brand autonomously. 

Our latest whitepaper explores the evolving aggregator landscape, delves into the tactics employed by these platforms to capture your audience, reviews the role and effectiveness of affiliate partnerships in the modern marketing mix and offers a 5 step process to reclaim your brand’s growth.

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