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Move over Zoom, there's a new kid on the desktop.

July 2022 - Media Network • News

Snapchat is levelling up its offering by releasing a desktop version.

Move over Zoom, there's a new kid on the desktop. Only with 332 million people opening Snapchat on their phones every single day, they're not a kid and certainly not new.
Snapchat for Web includes top messaging features like Chat Reactions and Chat Reply, along with Lenses which will roll out soon. The new feature is currently available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. But they won't stop there, announcing that they have plans to bring it to their entire global community.

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The Snapchat community is growing and it's clear that Team Snap have no plans of slowing down any time soon! Why would they?
The news comes in just after we released our 12th Snap Show, 'The World of Tony Kaill'. Where we've teamed up with Canadian content creator Tony Kaill to deliver a brand new Snapchat Discover show that delves a little deeper than your standard satisfying show.

There may be a heatwave in England right now, but things are set to get even hotter over on Snap. Don't get FOMO. Head over to to stay connected and search 'The World of Tony Kaill' over on snapchat to tune into our show.

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