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The Hook hits over 1M followers on TikTok

December 2022 - Media Network • News

Celebrations continue this month in our Media Network arm of the business as the Hook hits over 1M followers on TikTok.

The Hook is our popular film, TV and entertainment digital publisher - with a combined online audience of 10m across all social platforms, aimed at a wide array of ages with a thirst for pop-culture and film.
With a huge archive of long form content from The Hook's past, we were able to achieve some big wins by optimising older content for the short-form platform such as Hugh Jackman's famous gin junket.
And, now that we're taking part in current junkets and premieres, we choose to cater our questions with an eye on what could be a good TikTok or Reel, such as our Top Boy USA cast post. We're also very active in the film community when it comes to UGC; we were able to hit 30m views with a video from a Disneyland visitor!
But we'll leave it to our Head of Snapchat, Nathan Aspell, to give you more juice from behind-the-scenes...

So, over to you, Nath...

"I know... I know... more comments from me about one of our TikTok accounts hitting a milestone. But stick with me on this.

The Hook has hit 1.1 million followers. You probably recognise The Hook if you've been working in social media for a while however off the back of the pandemic it had been sitting dormant for a good while.

When I joined Brave Bison a year ago, I couldn't help myself but take it on as a little extra work to do each day. Since then we've been able to strike up relationships with film companies, PR companies and streaming platforms. We're back at junkets, hosting red-carpet premieres, experiences and even wandering around film conventions.

You'll find a variety of different types of posts on the account - old interviews we've optimised for TikTok, new original content and celeb-focused clips but all now focused around film, tv and entertainment.

Congrats to Remy Theobald, Junior Licensing Executive, in particular, who has joined me in making the account shine in the last half a year and to anyone who has worked on the brand way before I was here..."

Here's to the next mill.
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