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Under the Lid with New Balance

January 2024 - Performance • Webinars

Ever wanted the inside scoop on how some of the hottest brands in retail maximise their online performance?

Well you're in luck. Our new 'Under the lid' webinar series offers exclusive and invite-only access to some of the biggest brands leading the industry in smart performance strategy. 

Each 30 minute session will feature a Brave Bison client and be hosted online by one of our experts with 10 minutes at the end for Q&A. 

And up first...It's New Balance

In this session we dig deep into our 8 year partnership with New Balance and lift the lid on what has driven the success in the partnership and how the footwear giant has grown exponentially in their omni-commerce approach.

Director of Paid Media, Mark Byrne and New Balance’s eCommerce lead Zeynel Oruk discuss:

  • Understanding how to identify emerging trends and capitalise on them

  • What role user generated content has for New Balance in 2024 and beyond

  • How to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and the key metrics to look for

  • How to ensure a seamless journey both online and offline

  • Where to invest within omnichannel experiences and the role of customer data

  • How social commerce will evolve in 2024



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