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Running hot with New Balance and Microsoft Ads

New Balance and Microsoft Ads

Service: Performance

How we set new personal bests with over 100% YoY growth for New Balance across Microsoft Ads.


Paid Search & Shopping

Feed Management


We had to boost presence and growth of New Balance’s Microsoft Ads (MSA) - they needed a bigger conversion rate and better auction visibility for ambitious sales and YoY revenue targets. New Balance has fierce competition from so many other D2C players and resellers of its own lines across digital. So, optimisation to ensure performance was top of the agenda.  

We do our best work when things are complex. This was that. 


We’re Microsoft Advertising Partners and close with our MSA account team, together we fixed outstanding tech issues. Then we went to work.  

We automated bidding through Smart Shopping campaigns 

We adopted and fine-tuned newly released new ad types like Responsive Search Ads and Dynamic Search Ads 

We maxed our reach and efficiency through the Syndicated Search Partner Network.  

To deliver growth we unearthed ways for New Balance to grow across their four core markets, UK, France, Germany & Spain. 

Our approach

We managed the product feeds ourselves to make a world of difference. 

Doing that makes us highly agile and it gives us a great two-way relationship between the input (testing, optimisation and data integrity) and output (the incremental gains delivered in Shopping activity).  

We then took Machine Learning and paired it with our fully optimised product feeds according to MSA best practices. Keyword-rich data and product titles were tweaked for higher CTRs to get more visibility.  

It meant we could push investment in the accounts while maintaining an efficient return.  Across all markets, we saw a 169% increase in investment and a 116% increase in revenue year on year.  

To get the most out of the MSA account, we had to find more budget to help support the FY22 strategy. Because we were efficient, we could syphon budget from lower performing channels to up the investment in Microsoft Ads.  

We’re always unbiased when it comes to how and where we spend on Performance activity. That flexibility means media spend goes where it will return the most for our clients.

The results

We blitzed growth, pushing past our +100% YoY revenue increase target and hitting other big numbers

Investment increased by 102% in the UK, 69% in France, 66% in Germany and 124% in Spain 

InSmart Shopping alone, revenue was up by 37% with budget up by 69% to support this growth 

Meaning we could more effectively test and use the latest MSA features across markets - a foundation to scale activity more effectively in 2023

It put us ahead of the curve on feature and ad format adoption (Responsive Search Ads, Dynamic Search Ads and others)

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