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Unlocking sustainable systems: are websites a hidden carbon giant?

April 2024 - Commerce • Guides

As the impact of climate change gets closer to home and more devastating by the day, the global sustainability movement is only getting bigger. It’s impacting our daily lives from the food we purchase to the travel and lifestyle choices we make. 

But how are the websites we use daily contributing to carbon emissions? Are we doing enough in our industry to make this often-overlooked digital space greener?  

Reducing carbon footprints across digital products and thinking sustainably when it comes to system design is not just crucial to future proofing your brand’s digital operation, argues Andy Eva-Dale, technical director at Tangent. It’s also better for the planet in general. 

“Data centres are already outweighing the aircraft industry in terms of carbon emissions. We might think our social channels and our websites don’t matter...but they do matter. And now is the time to make some changes.”  

In the first recorded keynote from our industry leading Composable Commerce Summit, Andy explores our industry’s global emissions story and how composable plays a valuable part in building a greener tech stack. 

“By taking the right architectural principles to the way we design our products, we can save money, be more performant, and save carbon. Plus, you’ll be more searchable and more discoverable.” 

You’ll learn:  

  • The technical implications of green system implementation and design features unlocked by composable architectures  

  • Parallels we can draw between sustainability across performance, scalability and cost, featuring real-world metrics from projects Tangent have delivered 

  • Why it’s so crucial for businesses to act now or else face the impact of legislative change later 

Listen to the full keynote recording below. 



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