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WTF! Meta's Threads is back, but not how we remember it...

July 2023 -


Stefan Evans, Creator Director


In 2019 Instagram launched a messaging app called Threads and in 2021 they killed it off. Clearly not one for superstition, this week Meta will launch Threads – but with no resemblance to the former app.

Move over Twitter, there’s a new app in town

In the ever-escalating rivalry between Meta's Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter's Elon Musk, a new contender is stepping into the ring. Brace yourself Twitter: Meta's latest app is already causing quite a stir.

Available for pre-order on the Apple App Store, Threads will be linked to Instagram, giving it a significant edge. With its Twitter-esque dashboard showcased in intriguing screengrabs, Threads is being touted by Meta as a "text-based conversation app."

As the Threads buzz intensifies, Twitter has made its own strategic move. The popular user dashboard, TweetDeck, will soon be placed behind a paywall, part of Mr. Musk's ongoing efforts to drive users towards Twitter's subscription service, Twitter Blue. On the other hand, Threads, being a Meta app, is expected to offer its services for free with no restrictions on post visibility.

So, WTF is Threads?

According to the App Store description, Threads is where communities unite to discuss everything from today's hottest topics to tomorrow's trends. Screengrabs from the app bear a striking resemblance to Twitter, further intensifying the competition. However, Threads poses a significant threat to Twitter, given Meta's track record of borrowing ideas and making them flourish.

Meta's Reels, reminiscent of TikTok, and Stories, akin to Snapchat, are prime examples of Meta's ability to emulate successful concepts. Armed with abundant resources, Meta has the means to challenge Twitter head-on. Threads, integrated into the Instagram platform, will connect with millions of existing accounts, providing a head start that aspiring rivals could only dream of.

So should brands get involved?

As always, brands should tread carefully when in new channel territory. BeReal, for example, had somewhat of a short-lived high - even TikTok has binned off its own copycat feature TikTok Now.

Naturally, we caught up with Social Chain's Creator Director, Stefan Evans, to get his thoughts on how brands should approach Threads:

“With any big move by Meta, early adopters of new platforms are rewarded by a substantial algorithmic boost. This initial uplift will encourage creators and brands onto the platform. Though it will level off over the coming months, those who engage early will reap the rewards.

Clients have become increasingly anxious on Twitter and its erratic leadership in recent months, so we’ll be testing reactivity on the Threads in the coming days. In the medium term, we’re keeping an eye on broader user uptake and updating brand strategies accordingly.”

The gloves are off...

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Threads marks a new chapter in the Meta-Twitter saga. Will Threads have what it takes to dethrone the Twitter giant? The anticipation is mounting as users eagerly await the app's arrival, ready to dive into a world where conversations reign supreme. Stay tuned for the Threads revolution!

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