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Zombie outbreak hits NYC: OOH Style

August 2022 - Interviews

Ok, so not quite. But Netflix's Resident Evil 3D billboard certainly stopped people in their tracks.
We think it's pretty safe to say that Netflix understood the assignment when it came to advertising it's latest series, based on the iconic video game franchise.
Naturally, it didn't take very long for this terrifying immersive ad to make its way around the virtual globe: from Twitter to TikTok to YouTube, it was everywhere. And, rightly so.
While this isn't the first of its billboard kind, it's certainly a contender for being the boldest, ticking all the boxes for viral content.



Matt Garbutt, Creative Director at Brave Bison, was asked to weigh in among a panel of experts for The Drum on what this trend means for the future of immersive advertising.

"I won’t be watching Resident Evil as a result of seeing this ad, but I sure as hell remember it – so in terms of brand recall, big tick. Am I worried that it’d scare the hell out of my little kids? A bit, so I want to think it was in rotation in the evenings."

Head over to The Drum to read more on why Matt thinks this arresting, visceral and visual OOH [out of home] trend isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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