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Driving global World Cup buzz on social with Beats


We cut through the noise – and exceeded expectations – with a World Cup campaign that would get Gen Z showing brand love for a hero product across social media.


This campaign required us to flex our creative muscles while embracing the logistical challenges that come with a global campaign. There was a lot to consider, from the sheer volume of assets to the players we partnered with and the locations, each with their own unique requirements.

Key to our World Cup activation was devising clever copy for all of the assets we produced. The legalities of a global campaign meant we needed to tap into key in-game moments in a way that was celebratory yet subtle - and would still deliver great results.

Performing on the world’s stage isn’t without adversity, and we needed to illustrate how our world-class athletes tune out the noise and focus on being the best version of themselves with the aid of Beats Fit Pro.

To translate Defy the Noise for social, we created over 100 pieces of content showcasing players Buyako Saka, Kingsley Coman, Serge Gnabry and Ritsu Dōan. The project took us across the globe, spanning the UK, France, Germany, China, Japan and the US.

Our campaign was made for a global stage, and the sheer amount of content we were able to produce reflects that. Altogether, we published over 215 assets.


117m impressions

35.2m total video views

1.23m total engagements

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