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Delivering exceptional ROAS in a dynamic marketplace for Furniture Village 


Mid-pandemic, our client Furniture Village was facing industry-wide supply chain issues. Additionally, they needed to adapt in response to changes in consumer behaviour, which had led to a downward trend in search for core brand terms. 

All this meant Furniture Village was looking to us to deliver performance campaigns that reached new customers, increased awareness and drove demand. 


We crafted a strategy that propelled Furniture Village beyond its traditional audience, resulting in increased reach and demand within a fiercely competitive market. 

Then it was time for a campaign overhaul. We implemented Performance Max campaigns with a dynamic product feed, as our insight told us this was a more efficient way of connecting with potential customers than with Furniture Village’s existing Smart Shopping campaigns.  

Through the application of Performance Max, we not only established the client's presence on fresh platforms but also harnessed the power of Google's AI to deliver precisely tailored messages to the right audience at the right moment. 


150% increase in ROAS 

33% decrease in CPC 

58% increase in CVR 

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