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Enhancing the Magic Madhouse website with a powerful Saas Commerce solution 


Trading card game retailer Magic Madhouse needed to re-platform to a more stable Saas architecture with BigCommerce, having sustained increased demand through the pandemic on their legacy platform.  

Our brief was to create a stable platform supporting an extensive product range, complete with a sophisticated search engine showing up-to-date results.  

We needed to integrate this with third-party systems that allowed their warehouse to manage stock levels, update products and handle customer orders.  
Finally, we had to integrate a new PIM that would master the product data, as well as some bespoke availability and price rules.  

All this needed a modern, responsive frontend, upgraded with a new design matching the brand identity. 


Our chief focus here was enhancing the site’s UI, integrating to a bespoke middleware that could handle constant data updates required by the business due to the volatility of its product price and stock in the context of the collectable market.

We utilised Stencil, BigCommerce’s out-of-the-box theme engine, to build the website’s new frontend and achieve a speedy time to market. Klevu powered the site’s search and merchandising with headless search results and product listing pages, while SalesLayer PIM provided product data as well as manual overrides on stock and price based on product data drive rules.

A bespoke middleware connected BigCommerce to the client’s chosen PIM and WMS software, automatically and seamlessly transferring extensive catalogue, pricing and stock data to and from the BigCommerce system.

Developed by us, the middleware (built using Laravel) was the first of its kind, and is reusable for our other projects.

Our use of primarily out-of-the-box features and third-party services, integrated to the BigCommerce ecosystem, meant we could re-platform Magic Madhouse in just three months.    


Three-month replatforming to a Minimum Viable Product 

A revamped website solution compatible with all BigCommerce applications 

A bespoke middleware layer that could sustain complex business rules and extensive product data  

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