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Putting our money where our mouth is to deliver sustainable growth for New Balance 


New Balance approached us with the challenge of driving incremental uplift across five of its EU markets for products that typically don’t sell at an efficient Cost of Sale (CoS).  

It was down to us to get the right New Balance hero product in front of its perfect customer and tell the product story in a compelling way. Our key benchmark? To drive CoS below 17.5%. 
We needed a channel that would deliver that uplift within the CoS sweet spot. And we had to use an attribution model that gave us the full-funnel impact of this channel, as well as a remuneration model that we could associate with it. 


Enter Programmatic Display. This would give us the flexibility to monetise traffic leaving the website and reach a broader audience across multiple touchpoints.  
All this would help us hit our three key goals: 

1. Drive sustainable growth for selected EU markets  

2. Prove the value of display as a channel 

3. Test, innovate and pioneer fresh approaches. 


17.5%  CoS

5% increase in site visits  

A full-funnel CoS for New Balance  

Expanded activity in two additional markets 

£1.7 million increase in incremental revenue (EU markets) 

£1 million+ last-click activity not directly attributed to Display 

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