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Winparts: Revolutionising Multi-Market Commerce


Winparts, part of Alliance Automotive Group and a leading parts distributor in the Netherlands, approached us to rapidly operationalise and scale their platform across multiple markets. They needed an enterprise-ready platform to handle a high volume of product SKUs and various language requirements, similar to B2B needs. The platform also had to maintain a highly performant website, protecting their prior investments in SEO and performance crucial for their retail market competitiveness.

Adding to the complexity, Winparts were mandated to use SAP Commerce Cloud as both backend and frontend. This risked the highly performant CX they had built over years. We had to design bespoke real-time and near-real-time data feeds between SAP Commerce Cloud and their custom legacy systems.

Another significant complexity was managing potentially billions of unique SEO landing pages tailored to a customer's vehicle model and the specific product they sought. These needed efficient storage without impacting system performance.

When we started with Winparts, they were also upgrading internal legacy systems, which had to be integrated into the new solution. Given the timing, we adopted an extremely agile approach to ensure seamless integration.


We delivered a robust, scalable solution using modern composable architectures, including Alokai and SAP Commerce Cloud. SAP Commerce Cloud was integrated for business logic, Alokai for storefront management, StoryBlok for content management, Elastic for search functionality, and Mollie for payments. Additionally, Winparts’ custom-built ERP and CRM systems were incorporated to manage their extensive business data.

The project focused on supporting Winparts' expansion, starting with the Belgium and French markets. Key integrations enabled seamless data flow between systems, ensuring a high-performing website while protecting prior SEO and performance investments. This included managing real-time and near-real-time data exchanges for category, product, customer, order, and vehicle data, as well as product returns through Returnless.

Our agile approach allowed us to address challenges promptly, meet tight deadlines, and ensure system performance was maintained.

In total, about 40 integrations were implemented, laying the groundwork for future expansion across the EU. The collaboration ensured a seamless integration of new and legacy systems, providing a scalable foundation for Winparts' growth.


95+ initial Lighthouse scores across the board.

40 integrations implemented.

2 million products processed from the legacy system.

2 million customer data points integrated.

5 million orders data points imported.

2000 categories processed.

1600 JIRA tickets raised; 1330 released.

521 bugs addressed with 91% fixed and closed on time.

98 epics created.

8 payment methods supported, including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, iDEAL, PayPal, Bancontact, Klarna, and Apple Pay.

1 new site launched in Belgium, in French.

Ongoing future functionality planned for additional EU territories.

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