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Delivering exponential growth for Currys with our AI-powered SEO tool Scribe


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Leveraging the power of AI to achieve more with less.


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Currys wanted to boost visibility and increase traffic. But at the same time, they wanted to streamline costs and improve efficiencies. They turned to us to find new ways to leverage the latest advancements in AI and machine learning in order to deliver both.  

Achieving more with less was certainly a challenge in the current climate, but it’s the kind of one we thrive on.  


Our goal was to deliver sustainable traffic growth while maintaining strong returns on investment.  

To achieve this we focused on increasing visibility across key Product Listing Pages, optimising copy to effectively grow visibility and engage customers with real commercial intent.   

To improve efficiencies, we also developed a unique approach that utilised AI-powered copywriting to optimise Currys' content. This automated laborious processes, producing quality content that was relevant and optimised while cutting costs.  

Our approach

We began with extensive analysis, which identified more than 1,000 Product Listing Pages (PLPs) that could see improved rankings through targeted content.  

With the support of our SEO team, expert copywriters manually produced content for the 50 highest priority pages. These were then used to train Scribe, our proprietary tool, to produce SEO optimised copy in Curry’s tone of voice.  

Based on OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI model, which uses deep learning to produce human-like text, Scribe automated the creation of copy for more than a thousand PLPs by mirroring the input of our seed pages.  

Automating the production of copy on this scale helped us to cut costs by 80%.

The results

Clicks to targeted pages increased by 144% in just six months. 

Visibility soared +35%

The cost-per-page was cut by an impressive 80%

At a time when the impact of AI and machine learning is front-of-mind for all organisations, these results show how smart software and conscious creative can combine to improve results while simultaneously reducing investment.   

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