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How we put our money where our mouth is to deliver sustainable growth for New Balance

New Balance

Service: Performance

New Balance needed to drive incremental uplift for their EU7 markets across products that typically don’t sell at an efficient Cost of Sale (CoS).


Performance Display


We were tasked with getting the right hero product in front of the right customer with the product story told in a compelling way. And we needed to drive CoS below 17.5%.


To get that efficiency, we needed a channel that would deliver the uplift within the CoS sweet spot. To boot, we needed to use an attribution model that gave us the full-funnel impact of the selected channel and a remuneration model to be associated with it.


Other last-click channels had reached their glass ceiling at that time, so our gaze fell upon Programmatic Display. We chose it because it gave us the flexibility of monetising traffic exiting the website and would reach more people with more touches than others.

‘But, display doesn’t work’, we hear you cry. On the contrary, we say.

We built a strong and actionable attribution model so we could measure how the channel’s full funnel impact could be accurately realised. That meant it could inform budgeting decisions. Sitting under the hood, GA360’s Multi-Channel Funnel (MCF) module measured and remunerated our efforts as the source of truth. In the attribution rules, we ensured we had a clean data transfer between our campaigns and GA360 for accurate reporting with data-driven attribution window settings.

Our approach

Using GA360 removed any concern over attribution and accurate crediting of our activity. With that clear source of truth, we could be brave. We aligned our remuneration model with the strict CoS target and instead of taking a fee for our work, we proposed being paid a percentage of revenue driven through the Display channel. In return, we agreed to invest in our own media, resources, and technology.

Our goals were to:

1. Drive sustainable growth for the EU7 markets

2. Prove the value of Display as a channel

3. Test, innovate and pioneer fresh approaches.

This was a complex challenge in a very competitive and fast-paced industry, so we used scalable programmatic tech to push and pull performance based on demand. Conversion signals from the website told us where the most product intent was coming from, so we aligned our media and creative strategy to match.

We developed intricate decisioning rules on the conditions that assembled the products, copy or price displayed on our ads based on customer behaviour. The result was better relevance that improved conversion rate.

Alongside that dynamic messaging framework, we built elaborate audience segments based on the strength of customer intent from the website. The closer somebody got to the purchase stage, the stronger their intent was, and we matched our bidding strategy to that. Dynamic messages were synchronised which meant our customers were seeing ads featuring the right product for them at the right time.

We’re always audience-first, as displayed by this fully flexible optimisation strategy that gave us the ability to allocate budgets across platforms, publishers, and audiences on pure performance.

Embracing all this complexity, our solution delivered sustainable growth in full commercial partnership with New Balance.

Don't just take our word for it.

Brave Bison did an incredible job in driving incremental value and has given us confidence in Display as a channel. They’ve learnt our business well and built a model that fits in our business requirements to get the best out of the Display channel. Fahmi, Callen and the Display team at Brave Bison are passionate, driven experts who have also taken the time to educate us on the journey and been transparent in their approach. We’re miles ahead in what we’re doing in the Display space from where we were 3 years ago.

Zeynel Oruk

General Manager eCommerce, EMEA
New Balance

The results

In 2022, our Performance Display model generated £1.7M in incremental Revenue for EU7 and a CoS of 17.5%

We delivered incremental 5% site visits compared to their overall site visits in 2022

This activity assisted in last-click activities of more than £1M which was not directly attributed to Display

Through this partnership the activity expanded from just the five initial markets to seven markets

Recognising that Display works, New Balance are now investing in mid-funnel tactics, taking a full-funnel CoS to understand both value and opportunity

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