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Gen Z don’t drink alcohol anymore” Well, not in the way we know it

February 2023 - Opinion


Dani Dullaghan, Social Strategist


Gen Z is putting electrolytes in their gallons of alcohol.

Confused? as are we.

So, we’re handing over you over to our Social Media Strategist Danielle, to shed light on the latest drinking habits in youth culture.

Everything in moderation, right?

We’ve been hearing for a while now that Gen Z doesn’t consume alcohol like the way some of us (born pre-1996) used to. 

A report from Berenberg Research shows Gen Z drinks 20 per cent less per capita than Millennials when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Great for the health of the population, but not so great if you’re any institution or brand synonymous with alcohol. 

We’ve seen brands try to combat this by entering the market with healthier choices such as non-alcoholic drinks, low to non-alcoholic beers and seltzer’s.

With that said, drinking alcohol has become more about moderation for Gen Z. Like generations before them, some are choosing not to drink at all. However, those that do choose to drink are trying to;

1. Be safer

2. Choose healthier options 

Have you tried a BORG?

So, traditionally a B.O.R.G stands for Black Out Rage Gallon in the US. It’s a gallon-sized mix of alcohol. By name, it sounds dangerous but what we’re now getting is Gen Z’s updated, safer version of the drink. 

Students this weekend were celebrating Snow Day in the US by mixing water and vodka, electrolytes to stay hydrated and IV packets to prevent hangovers into their BORGS. 

The gallons themselves act as personal containers - so there's no mixing drinks or leaving cups unattended. While drinking gallons of alcohol might not exactly be considered healthy, we’re seeing Gen Z seek safer choices than previous generations. 

Is Alcohol the New Cigarette?

In a post, Dry Jan February, the discourse around alcohol consumption continues. 

With plenty of Gen Z (and millennials) weighing in on whether drinking alcohol is really worth it anymore - opening up a “sober curious” discussion.  

For alcohol brands, it’s time to start thinking about how you can make your products more appealing to this ever-growing health and safety-conscious generation. 

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