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Breaking up with the third-party cookie.

October 2023 - Performance • Guides

Want to take the pain out of your split with third-party cookies? Download our latest whitepaper and get let us make the complex simple.

When others are worrying over the year-on-year discrepancies left by cookies’ departure, you’ll be choosing where to use the data you’ve gained to boost your performance. The knowledge to move forward in a ‘cookieless’ world and mitigate the challenge brought by the death of the third-party cookie is going to be an overarching challenge for brands.

It's the time to ask those difficult questions:

What's working?, What's not working?, Where do you allocate your budgets?

Download our whitepaper to arm yourself with invaluable insights from our Managing Director of Performance, Hannah Kimuyu:

“Just like with GDPR, everyone assumed it was going to
be an absolute disaster. As a business, we certainly didn’t
have any problems, because we were well prepared. But
in our honest opinion, GDPR was a good thing, because it
just cleared out all the nonsense, particularly around third-party
data. So, it just enriched the quality of the data that we as an
organisation focused on, which was always primarily first-party

We answer all of your burning questions above and dive into:

Third-party and first-party, what are they and who do they affect?
What are the implications without a like-for-like replacement?
And most importantly, how can SEO and AI solve the problem?

Meet the experts:

Mark Byrne, Director of Paid Media
Hannah Kimuyu, Managing Director, Performance
Fahmi Mohammed, Director of Performance Media
Chris Alderman, Head of SEO & DPR
Adam Bunn, Special Projects

What are you waiting for? It's time to let us make the complex simple, so get brave and download now and drop us a line if you want to stay ahead in a cookieless world.

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