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The Performance Herd have consulted their crystal ball for 2023

December 2022 -

In the hot seat first, we have our Paid Media Performance Director, Joe Murphy.

Joe predicts that AR will be at the forefront of online shopping allowing consumers to not only visualise products but move to purchase them...
As an emerging technology from a few years ago, recent advancements have made this more consistent and affordable, which is why Joe believes it will truly begin to take hold and change consumer shopping in 2023.



Next up we have Simon Matthews, Senior Paid Media Analyst, who predicts the connection between online and offline shopping will grow at an even faster rate.

As we see the two work interchangeably:

  • With offline data being used to support digital marketing, with shop visits and sales in-store being measured as conversions.

  • On the e-commerce side, we will see developments in the visual aspect of shopping, creating a customer experience similar to an in-store one.

Simon, over to you...



Now over to Andrea Villa, Paid Media Analyst for Performance, who predicts that privacy will be at the forefront of the customer journey...

Tune in to find out:

  • How your brand can give its consumers a feeling of control with privacy & personalisation.

  • How you can increase trust & in turn effectiveness of your digital advertising.

  • How you can leverage your customer data.



And lastly, but but no means least, our Performance Director of Growth, Kit Bienias, says that in 2023 businesses need to take action over adverbs - now more than ever before.

Tune in to find out why your business needs to demonstrate proof over purpose to win customer loyalty in 2023...



So there we have it, our 2023 Performance Predictions.
Ready to level up your campaign performance in 2023? drop us a message.
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