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BraveBison Performance

We’re unstacked but connected, crafting performance strategies for your audiences.

We love complexity. Whether it be multi-brand, multi-market or multi-SKU, we get to the heart of your business to unlock incremental growth.

Being active across the funnel allows us to reach your audiences at scale. Our unbiased approach means we’re truly flexible, allocating budgets across channels and platforms on performance alone.

Who we are.

We’re award winning for a reason. With a heritage in performance and driving real value, we know how to build effective cross-channel strategies that widen the sales funnel, nurture engagement, and build lifetime relationships with your audiences.

From Paid Media to SEO & DPR and everything in-between, we skill- share and work together to test the boundaries of what’s possible. So much so, that last year we grew our clients’ business by an impressive £10 billion, beating industry standard results across the board.

Leaving no stone unturned we’re dedicated to finding that sweet spot for our clients. And with hubs across the globe, we work with some of the boldest brands in the world. We love what we do.

We’re curious and don’t play it safe. Keeping ourselves accountable we test creative approaches to campaigns by partnering with the best tech out there and when it doesn’t do exactly what we want? We build our own. Together we’ll try new ideas, track everything and optimise everywhere.

Grow with us

We know how to perform, and our services are designed to meet the new brands of a new era.



Paid search

We plan and manage smart strategies that are loaded with audience data, and which allow us to hit the right people, at the right time, with the right message. Everything we do is driven by data.

Marketplace & feed management

We’re adept at building, optimising and managing product feeds, as well as designing and implementing marketplace campaigns at scale and
across platforms.

Programmatic display

Data is king in the programmatic display team, it leads us and informs our strategies. All activity takes place in-house, providing you full transparency, and with no spend commitments, we offer complete flexibility.

Paid social

Whether your objective is awareness, traffic, conversions, or something in-between, our end-to-end approach ensures your campaign reaches its maximum potential, while getting the most from your media budget, every single time.

Affiliate marketing

From audits and strategy development to implementation and full management, we’ll boost the profitability of your affiliate programme, whilst ensuring the affiliates are paid on driving real value.

Technical SEO

We specialise in organic growth SEO starting with the fundamentals of technical and content auditing, through to complex projects such as new site builds, challenging site migrations and internationalised content strategies.

Digital PR

We create news for global media, helping our clients improve their online visibility, keyword rankings and brand awareness with one clear aim in mind: to increase revenue.

Content marketing

We offer full in-house servicing, from strategy and content creation. Whether you’re looking to boost your SEO performance, make your brand heard or increase engagement, our brave strategies and streamlined production help you achieve your objectives.


We start conversations with people by producing compelling creative, be that conceptual, visual, or technical. Put simply, we create measurably effective work that makes people sit up and take notice.

Conversation Rate optimisation & UX

Our audits, usability testing, AB testing and analysis is done so with next-level precision. Everything we do is tailored to your specific needs - and those of your users - to ensure the biggest possible impact for your bottom line.


Our team of analytics gurus help with all Google Analytics and Tag Manager requirements. This includes training, audits, tracking fixing, customisations, deployment and management.

Bison Bot

Automated large scale copy creation based on OpenAI’s cutting edge GPT-3 AI model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. Each instance is trained on approved client copy so the system writes in a way that mirrors tone of voice and content structure and is optimised for search.

Once trained, the tool eliminates the need for writers to create draft copy and simplifies editing, yielding up to 80%-time savings making the entire operation of writing product and category led copy far more efficient and freeing up writers to focus on higher value content.​

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