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Webinar: Midjourney Mastery

March 2023 - Webinars

Master Midjourney with the experts...

We're sharing our exclusive session with our Creative Director, Matt Garbutt and 3 Midjourney maestros, more on who below, from the AI Community as they came together to share their best insider info on how to prompt like a pro using a fictional brief for New Balance.

Our latest webinar has been designed to prove the value of AI know-how in creativity and performance, giving you a sneak preview of what's under the hood, and arming you with the insights to conjure new ideas and designs using this rapidly evolving tool.

What can you expect?

A quick stop in Midjourney 101, what it is and how it works.

Prompt design and content creation against an experimental brief for New Balance, with some stunning and varied results from four AI experts.



Meet the Experts:
Matt Garbutt: Creative Director at Brave Bison
Chris Branch: Founder of Seedily and Artificial Inspiration theme page
Sherry Horowitz: Brand strategist and AI Conjurer
Brian Sykes: Brand expert, Teacher, AI explorer

Hosted by our very own:
Nathan Aspell, Head of Social Media & Content

And if you missed it, we wrote a whitepaper on AI too, brimming with info on how AI is thriving in SEO, creative, and paid performance and its application in audience insights.
Download our AI. Curious whitepaper here.

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