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In a world where viewing habits, platforms and algorithms evolve daily, it’s not enough to be present on just one platform or serve the same content across your channel ecosystem. When it comes to capturing hearts and eyeballs, constant evolution and optimisation is key.

Crowd-pleasers and proud of it, we specialise in channel management and consultancy for the biggest franchises and creators in sports and entertainment. With extensive experience growing loyal fanbases on social and sky-rocketing views into the millions, we also own, manage and create content for some of the biggest entertainment channels on Snap, TikTok, YouTube and Meta.

Experts in

Platform strategy

We craft unique strategies to help the biggest sport and entertainment rights holders create content that will grow their audiences on YouTube, Snap, TikTok and Meta.

Channel management & optimisation

We help our clients package, present and optimise their content to maximise traffic and subscriptions.

Channel monetisation

As a preferred partner of all major social platforms, we have access to exclusive tools and can implement partner sold strategies to help our clients increase their rate of monetisation across any channel.

Rights management

Our dedicated rights management team ensure that the rights of your broadcast partners and other stakeholders are upheld, implementing geo-restrictions, claiming UGC and resolving copyright claims.

Editing & production

Our in house producers are on the pulse of what's trending and can create thumb-stopping content which thrives on social.

Live streaming

We have expertise in setting up and managing livestreams for some of the biggest rights holders in sport and entertainment.

Our work

“A bunch of legends working on the channel that really know what they are talking about, get it done, care for the channels and the growth of the platform, know the topic, and clearly love what they do. You’ve been incredible to work with.”

Sarah Duffy

Senior Content Manager,
Tennis Australia


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