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In a world where every click, swipe, and tap brings new opportunities for commerce, the agility to constantly evolve your digital experiences has never been more necessary.

With over 300 ecommerce projects and £3bn worth of transactions under our belt, we’ve designed and built hundreds of bespoke digital solutions for complex B2B, B2C, D2C and B2B2C companies.

Whether you’re modernising a monolith platform or building a fully composable solution, our expert team can ensure you’re ready to meet customers anywhere – online, mobile, in-store or on social – unlocking a brave new world of possibility.

Experts in

CX Consultancy

We curate personalised, frictionless experiences across your entire customer journey.


We craft user-centred designs that drive engagement and conversion.

Digital product & service design

We innovate and build unique solutions from concept to execution that deliver transformational business outcomes.

Technology consultancy

We help you make sense of an ever-evolving digital landscape, identifying, designing, operationalising and optimising the best solutions to your business needs.

Technology Implementation

We design and deliver modern technology architectures, software, platforms and applications.

Systems Integration

We're experts at integrating the teams, partners, systems and experiences that make your project a success, not just the technologies.

Platform support & enhancements

We offer 24/7 support from dedicated continuous integration, development and project teams with flexible terms.

Programme management

We take the complexity out of leading and managing multiple distributed teams, across single or multiple streams of work with dedicated programme management across agencies, vendors and your key stakeholders.

Ecommerce operations consultancy

Our expert consultants design and build bespoke strategies, processes and technology stacks to deliver on your ecommerce objectives.


We place expert teams within your organisation to help augment existing capabilities, build new ones and set up the structures and processes you need to take over in a timeframe that works for you.

Our work

Our clients


“Brave Bison Commerce showed real expertise managing cross-team collaboration and multi-partner management despite ever evolving requirements and constant integration challenges. Despite these and the complexity of our business model (where every branch has unique product selection and pricing) the BraveBison team delivered a customer-first omnichannel solution on time and on budget.”

Andy Pickup

Digital & Marketing Director, MKM

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